Creating a new Android Project

Creating a new Android Project

as In this tutorial, we will create a new project or you can say our first mobile app. We will be creating a mobile app with the name “Contactry” which maintains contact list. 

So let’s get started.

Step 1 : Create a new project

Open Android Studio IDE, then go to file menu and then select new android project or new project. Then you should see the below screen. Fill the details as seen in below screen shot.

Step 2 : Select the target SDK Version or API level/version

Next, you need to select your SDK version. SDK is software development kit just like Java Development Kit used to develop java application. Same we have SDK for android app development. There are different versions available for you but you need to select the particular version. In our project, we will select SDK version 4 or API level 19 which will cover almost 90% of the devices around the world. So your app will be compatible on around 90% android devices. See the screen shot below.

Step 3 : Select the type of the project

We will be using blank activity. Activity is just screen which you see on your mobile app, where you perform some actions. Look at the screen shot below.

Step 4 : Finish the project

Next step, Select the name for the activity screen. which will be your main screen. You can leave it as it is for now. Just click on finish button and finish the project creation.

Step 5 : Directory Structure

After you finish, you should see the project structure as below.

Step 6 : Open SDK Manager

Now we need to install required SDK which is SDK version 4 (KitKat) in order to develop our app. For that purpose, android studio has SDK manager which manages all versions of SDK available. You can add, update or delete SDK of your choice. To open SDK click the icon as seen in below screen shot.

When you will click on that button, a pop up screen will appear as below. Select Android 4.4.2 (API Level 19) from the given list and click on apply button. Installation will begin.

After installation you should be able to select your version as below. Select your SDK and click ok.

You need to restart your android studio in order for SDK to take effect. Restart your android studio.

After restart, open your project directory and double click on activity_main.xml file as below.

After that, select text tab which is located on bottom left corner. And select preview tab located on right side of the IDE as below.

After that, you need to select your API level for android design view as shown in below screen. By default it is selected as API 23 or 22. But you need to select as per your SDK version which is API level 19.

Our project now ready for further development, we will configure emulator to see our app in action. In the next tutorial we will discuss about emulator and it’s configuration.

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