Purpose of the training

Purpose of the training

We learn the basics and understand about different components of android framework. But question is, how to combine those concepts to create a fully functional mobile app. This tutorial is for those, who knows the basics of the android but having trouble to create a mobile app.

In this training, we will be covering below topics

  1. Setting up environment for android. Downloading and installing android studio, required IDE and libraries.
  2. Creating a new android project and making some changes.
  3. Creating a new android emulator to test your app live on mobile emulator.
  4. Android App Designing : Home Screen
  5. Android App Designing : Add Contact Screen
  6. Android App Designing : View, Update and Delete Contact Screen.
  7. Writing actions for home screen.
  8. Writing actions for new contact screen.
  9. Writing actions for update or delete screen.

Who is this training for

This training is for those who know basics of java only. You don’t need to be expert in java. And you don’t need to know everything about android. If you know the basics of android it is best but if you don’t know android. Don’t worry this is you also.

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