Setting up the environment for android app development

Setting up the environment for android app development

In this tutorial, I will discuss about how to setup your local environment for mobile app development. For android development, you need tools and proper resources available. You need to understand how those tools work.

We will cover below things in this tutorial :
  1. Download and install Java Development kit.
  2. Download and install Android Studio.

Install Java Development Kit 1.7

First you need to download Java which is basically (JDK – Java Development Kit) from official website of Oracle Download Java Development Kit version 1.7. Choose your version as per operating system and bit.

setting up environment for java

Download and Install Android Studio

Next thing you will need is android studio. And IDE for android app development. You can download it from Download Android Studio here. You just need to follow the instructions while installing the android studio. You don’t need to do anything else.

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