Understand and prepare android app

Understand and prepare android app

Our environment is ready and you have seen your app in action on emulator. It’s time to know your app and prepare for further development. In this tutorial, we will discuss about basics things which needs to understand before you develop any android application.

Open your project in android studio and open your project structure as below.

Now open your AndroidManifest.xml file

We will discuss about android manifest and it’s elements. Look at the below screen.

Open your layout file “activity_main.xml”

activity_main.xml is your main layout file. You will see this file as your first screen on emulator or real device. We will know our layout file in this section.

Layout – Layout in android application is used to place your components like button, text box, images etc. It defines the visual structure of user interface. There are different types of layout in android as below :

Relative Layout : Enables you to specify the location of child objects relative to each other.
Linear Layout : A layout that organizes its children into a single horizontal or vertical row.

Let’s see some of the common attributes which can be applied to a layout as below :

android:id="@+id/activity_main" (A unique name to access the layout)
android:layout_width="match_parent" (width of the layout, match parent means full width)
android:layout_height="match_parent" (height, match parent means full height
android:padding="20dp" (padding, internal space between content and layout)
android:layout_margin="10dp" (External space from the layout)

In the next tutorial, we will start designing our home screen. Which will be visible first on device.

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