Angular Framework Introduction

Angular framework

Angular (2/4)

Angular is a Java Script Framework. It allows us to create dynamic or reactive Single Page Applications (SPAs).

It allows us to develop client applications in either JavaScript or Type Script. Type Script is basically compiled back to JavaScript.

Architecture of Angular Framework

Below is the basic architecture of the Angular application framework :

Angular framework


A module is a group of Component, Services, Directives etc. It can be combined with other modules to create a fully functional Single Page Application.

Angular provides a root module which is NgModule.


A component is a view in single page application like Navigation, Data List, List Details etc. Each component has a defined template which can communicate with the component class.


Each component is associated with a template which is kind of HTML page. Template basically tells angular how to render the component.


A Metadata is a decorator which tells angular how to process the class like which template will be used for the component etc.

Data Binding

Data binding is a process of coordinating between parts of template and component. For e.g. binding the input text control of template with the property of component.


Directive is just like the Component but Components have their own view (Templates). Directives are designed to extend or modify the behavior of existing elements and components.

There are two types of directives

1. Structural directives – change the DOM layout.
2. Attribute directives – change the appearance or behavior of an element, component or directive.

What is Service

A service is basically a class designed to serve a specific purpose like logging, data service etc. Services can be injected to the components to perform some operations. It basically uses the concept of Dependency Injection.

What is Dependency Injection

DI is basically a way to provide the instance of a class whenever required. Instances are injected to the required class.
When Angular creates a component, it first asks an injector for the services that the component requires.

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