Python – Environment Setup and Tools

Python - environment setup and tools

Python – Environment Setup and Tools

Python is available for most of the environments or operating systems. In this post, we will see which software is required to write and run the python programs. So let’s getting started.

Download python – installation program

Python is available online to download. If you are on windows platform, you will have an option to download Microsoft installer which will automatically configure python on your machine.

You can download latest python program from their official website as below.

Download Link – Download Python Latest

After the download, just double click on the executable file and follow the instructions and click finish. Installer will configure python parameters for you. You don’t need to do anything else.

Which tool is best to develop python programs

Since we will not be just writing simple hello world programs every time, we need to prepare our self with a good tool or Integrated Development Environment which will enable us to manage our large modules.

I found the below tool best suitable for python development. This tool is free to download and use and have everything a python developer needs.

Python IDE for professional developers –  Download PyCharm


Download PyCharm and just follow the instructions for installation. After installation, create a new project and select the python interpreter which you just installed.

Click File -> New -> Python File

After that, you should see the below window for new project.

Python - environment setup and tools

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